There are a number of actions you can take right now to become a friend of Lake Tahoe.
The more the better! We need your help.

  1. Donate via the PO Box or Online
  2. Get on our Mailing List
  3. Sign the Petition
  4. If Institutional, use the Endorsement Button
  5. (Institutional Endorsement: If you are a public or private organization, association, business, a CEO of the aforementioned institutions, or anything similar, please fill out the Institutional Endorsement Form and join with others in supporting FRIENDS OF LAKE TAHOE.)

  6. Hold your own fund raising activities
  7. Like us on Facebook: Friends of Lake Tahoe
  8. Write Emails and Letters Stating Your Opposition to the Biomass Plant

Thank you. Your donations are greatly appreciated
and we will use them to keep Lake Tahoe pristine.